Accelerating Our Impact

Recent DigitalBridge ESG Highlights


With nearly 100 % rotated digital assets under management*


*AUM as of September 30, 2021, proforma for acquisitions completed in October 2021.


A goal of zero carbon emissions across our portfolio companies pledged under our Net Zero 2030 commitment

Three portfolio companies on track for carbon neutrality by 2021 year-end

We aim to build a sustainable future by enhancing connectivity around the world, creating economic growth, preserving natural resources, and improving the communities in which DigitalBridge and our portfolio companies operate.   


Launched comprehensive Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiative

100% of portfolio companies now have a professional dedicated to ESG management and ESG reporting


DigitalBridge has four new independent directors with digital expertise

8 of 9 directors are independent

Over 50% of the Board of Directors are from groups traditionally underrepresented on corporate boards

Our ESG Areas of Focus at DigitalBridge in 2021


We are working to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 both at DigitalBridge and across our portfolio.


We have formalized and accelerated our efforts to build a best-in-class workplace that is welcoming and inclusive.


A culture of ethics and commitment to integrity provide the foundation for the DigitalBridge board of directors and for all of our business operations.