Our Core Plus strategy is centered around investing in stabilized, high-quality digital infrastructure platforms that seeks to offer consistent and predictable current yields.

We Target Strategic
Digital Infrastructure Subsectors

Digital Infrastructure Assets Supporting the Global Digital Economy.

Macro Sites

Telecommunication towers support wireless communication services, including mobile phone networks and wireless internet. With the increasing adoption of smartphones and connected devices, these towers are in demand to maintain and expand communication infrastructure.

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Large Incumbent Tower Portfolios

Data Centers

Hyperscale Data Centers are facilities that house computer systems, servers, and networking equipment. They play a crucial role in storing, processing, and distributing vast amounts of digital information. Investing in data centers can be attractive due to the growing demand for cloud computing, data storage, and content delivery services accelerated by AI boom.

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Stabilized, Scaled Assets Held in Value-Add Strategies

Dark Fiber

Provide high-speed data transmission through thin glass strands. Investing in dark fiber networks can be beneficial as these networks are essential for delivering high-speed internet, video streaming, and other data services.

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Large Incumbent Fiber Portfolios

Four Corners of Digital Infrastructure Asset Selection

We work as a global team, collaborating closely creating greater opportunities.

Location /

Focus on unique, hard-to-replicate assets and seek assets that provide mission critical services to customers with high switching costs.

Credit /

Focus on long-term contracts with multiple renewal options and investment grade customers, building in maximum flexibility to add additional tenants.


Emphasis on identifying stabilized businesses and assets, led by experienced management teams with the ability to integrate DigitalBridge’s initiatives and processes.


Focus on stable markets with catalysts for near-term Digital Infrastructure investment and downside protection for asset owners.

Sector Specialist

We believe, DigitalBridge emerges as an exceptional partner, equipped with the requisite expertise and acumen to navigate the complexities of the digital infrastructure landscape effectively.

The digital infrastructure sector exhibits a high degree of dynamism and constant evolution, primarily accelerated by the rapid pace of technological advancements and shifts in consumer behavior. Given digital infrastructure’s specialized nature, we believe adopting a strategic and targeted approach becomes paramount to achieving success.


Current Companies

Belgium Tower Partners


Belgium Tower Partners is the first independent tower company in Belgium. The Company owns, manages and operates a portfolio of towers, rooftops, other macro sites and small cells that are attractively located to meet growing demand for high-quality 5G deployment. The Company’s large, nationwide footprint allows customers to experience reliable, resilient and sustainable connectivity. Belgium Tower Partners is headquartered in Brussels.

GD Towers


GD Towers is a leading European tower company, and a market leader in build-to-suit activity, owning and operating over 40,000 mobile sites across Germany and Austria, and has deployed over 1,000 new sites per year for its anchor customer, Deutsche Telecom. 


Data Centers

Riverside, is a multi tenant data center located in Riverside California, providing mission critical services to two leading US telecommunications providers under long term leases.

Vantage Data Centers (EMEA SDC)

Data Centers

Vantage EMEA SDC is a portfolio of stabilized hyperscale data centers located in strategic markets across Western Europe. Vantage EMEA SDC was formed in October 2023 as a strategic partnership between a MEAG and Infranity-led group and Vantage Data Centers, which manages and operates Vantage EMEA SDC’s facilities as part of its global footprint. Vantage EMEA SDC has campuses in Cardiff, United Kingdom; Frankfurt and Berlin, Germany. Vantage EMEA SDC is headquartered in London.