DigitalBridge has developed an investment program focused on emerging software-centric infrastructure technologies “InfraTech” that leverage its insights and access across the digital infrastructure ecosystem.


We believe next generation infrastructure is undergoing a massive transformation driven by exponential demand and increasing complexity. Networks are becoming increasingly software defined, resource-aware and intelligent.


We believe our significant specialization and broad ecosystem presence provide DigitalBridge with unique insights that allow us to source, vet and accelerate innovative companies across InfraTech domains.


Growth stage capital - DigitalBridge seeks to invest principally in innovative, development-stage companies, Series B and Series C rounds with:

  • demonstrated product market-fit
  • scalable business models
  • mitigated technology risk
  • led by exceptional management teams

Our Team &

Our team has extensive investment experience, supporting the growth of development-stage companies. Our strategy leverages DigitalBridge’s network of advisors, operating partners and portfolio companies’ senior leadership who share our passion and experience growing businesses and delivering for some of the world’s leading technology and telco companies.

What is

Our sandbox is comprised of innovative companies developing foundational software that orchestrates and manages the interface between the Application Layer and the physical Digital Infrastructure Layer. This includes the domains of 5G & Networking, Cloud & Edge Platforms, Data & AI Infrastructure, and Cybersecurity.

InfraTech is SCALABLE like the Apps it serves and RESILIENT like the physical infrastructure it runs on.


The Consumer Layer


The Software Layer

Orchestration - Value Moving from Hardware to Software

Digital Infrastructure

The Physical Layer

Our Competitive Edge


DigitalBridge has a 25+ year track record of building digital infra businesses.

Power of the

  • Sourcing Cross-Pollination
  • Market Intelligence
  • Talent Acquisition

Team of

DigitalBridge has over 100 digital infra investment employees worldwide.



Generative AI Software Platform

Articul8 is a Generative AI (GenAI) enterprise software company focused on helping organizations solve the world's toughest problems. Articul8's full-stack, vertically-optimized GenAI software platform enables companies to build, deploy and manage enterprise-grade, secure GenAI applications rapidly and cost-effectively.


Infrastructure Software

Celona’s 5G LAN system is credited with enabling companies to own and operate their own mobile network infrastructure to address the growing demands not met by conventional wireless alternatives.


Network Infra Technologies

Connectbase transforms network buying and selling through the use of location-based intelligence and application.


Composable Infrastructure Software Platform

Liqid’s composable infrastructure platform offers powerful improvements over static IP infrastructure that enables users to build data centers with agility and scalability at the forefront.

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