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Why we're using Rust for cloud rendering

High quality visualisation is key to a great design experience. Our Visualise 360 service uses cloud-based ray-tracing to deliver custom panoramas of a user's bathroom or kitchen design, without needing the help of a computer graphics expert. In his debut blog developer Iain jumps into the reasons why we're now using Rust for cloud rendering.


Visualisation Series: Chroma

In this edition of the visualisation series, we take a closer look at our proprietary photo-realistic rendering engine, Chroma. And how we’re using visualisation to improve the KBB design journey.


Visualisation Series: The DigitalBridge SDK

In this post we look in more detail at our rendering engine DigitalBridge SDK (DBSDK), its purpose, what the main features are, and some of the improvements we’re developing for the future.


What developers can learn from the Unity & Improbable situation

Our Head of Innovation Ash looks at the lessons to be learnt when entering into third-party software and licence agreements from the recent dispute between Unity & Improbable.


Visualisation Series: Accurate Material Representation

This is our first of a series of technical posts detailing different aspects of visualisation, including how we achieve the look we want and the challenges we face.


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