Deliver superior experiences

to every customer, at every stage of their journey.

Reduce friction and accelerate purchases

Reduce the number of decisions and eliminate unknowns that get in the way of your customer’s new bathroom. Guide them through every step of the way, boosting confidence and accelerating the sales cycle.

Increase conversion, revenue and engagement

Give your customers peace of mind by letting them visualise their bathroom in beautiful 3D. Less people abandon their project when they are more informed.

Drive conversion online
or in-store

By engaging with your customers more deeply at the beginning of their journey, you give then more reasons to come to you and not your competitors.

Provide a superior experience from within your website

Aspect integrates seamlessly into your website. Accessible from any browser or device, and built mobile-first, it can be themed to match your brand and style guide, ensuring your customer will always feel like they’re in trusted hands.

Put the power of Guided Design into your customers’ hands

Aspect was created for consumers first and transforms a complex project into a seamless and enjoyable experience. Just like a real life designer, Aspect is aware of the design rules and regulations and makes decisions so that your customer can just get on with designing their perfect bathroom.

We understand your challenges and your customers’ frustrations

We have significant experience within the kitchen and bathroom retail sector, have supported over 100,000,000 customer projects and have conducted countless hours of user research and testing so we understand the challenges that both retailers and consumers face.

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