About DigitalBridge

We're on a mission to help anyone design beautiful living spaces for themselves and their family, no matter how little design experience and skills they have.

Our story


Our CEO David Levine started DigitalBridge back in 2013, after his wife presented him with a choice of wallpaper samples for their living room. Unable to visualise how the room might look and convinced he couldn’t be the only person unable to bridge the ‘imagination gap’ David set out to find a solution.

However, whilst solving this initial problem, David uncovered a bigger opportunity. He found a gap in the market for an easy to use space planning and visualisation tool that, hosted on a retailer's website, helps individuals design their new bathroom or kitchen.

In just a few short years he brought together a team of experts, with specialist skills from computer vision & machine learning to computer graphics and web applications, to build software that's fundamentally changing the way people shop.

DigitalBridge technology helps with all aspects of the very personal journey of turning a house into a home, from capturing your current living space to visualising your dream bathroom or kitchen. Designed with the user in mind, it's super easy to use too. 


We foresee huge change ahead, as customers will be assisted by technologies such as artificial intelligence, depth cameras, augmented and virtual reality when they shop. Our intention is to harness these technologies and build valuable experiences for retailers and their customers today and in the future.

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