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Introducing Aspect by DigitalBridge


Aspect is a Guided Design platform that helps kitchen and bathroom retailers streamline their customers’ renovation process.

When you integrate Aspect with your website, you will be able to guide your customers through the entire process of creating their dream kitchen or bathroom, from concept to design to visualisation and completion.

By reducing friction and reducing difficult decisions, Aspect enables you to shorten sales-cycles and increase conversion and revenue.

What is Guided Design?

Guided Design enables consumers to design their dream bathroom or kitchen, no matter how little design experience they might have.

Much like a real designer, Aspect guides your customers through the entire process from finding the right inspiration, through measuring their room to designing and visualising the final result.

Inspiration & Needs Measure & Design Collaborate & Visualise Validate & Purchase

Inspiration & Needs

Discover your customer’s exact wants and needs

Aspect first discovers your customers' needs through a conversational approach, understanding their reasons for change and budget.

Whether they're inspired by social media like Pinterest or Instagram or like the look of a friend's new bathroom or kitchen, Aspect can import images to build a profile of your customers' taste and style preferences. 

This information is used to filter and show only the most relevant products from your catalogue. 

Measure & design

Enable your customer to design their new beautiful space in minutes, not months

Aspect is simple and intuitive enough to be used regardless of your design experience, yet powerful enough to ensure a bathroom or kitchen design is usable, ergonomic and safe.

Your customers don’t even need to dust off their tape measure. Measuring an accurate floor plan is made easy with our smartphone 3D scanning technology. Aspect then uses artificial intelligence to design a bespoke new bathroom or kitchen.

It's simple to edit the design in 2D or 3D, and move items around to tweak the bathroom. In the background, though, Aspect will be managing all the complex product configurations to ensure everything fits together seamlessly.

Collaborate & Visualise

Promote collaboration to speed up the process

We know that a project as large as a new bathroom is rarely a solo endeavour, which is why collaboration is a core part of Aspect.

Your customer can share ideas with a trusted professional as easily as with a significant other at home or in-store, and work on the designs together. But don’t worry if they put something in a place that won’t work, or won’t be safe, Aspect will alert them in real-time.

Once everyone’s happy the bathroom is brought to life in outstanding high definition

Validate & Purchase

Purchase with confidence online or in-store

Aspect will ensure the design and plan are validated, so your customer can purchase with confidence online or continue their design journey in-store and enjoy their new bathroom in no time.

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