Space planning and visualisation software for bathrooms and kitchens

Built for retailers. Designed for consumers.

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Put the power of guided design into your customers' hands

Planning and visualising a new bathroom or kitchen can be hard, especially when there are so many configurations, products and styles to choose from. Our web-based room design software accelerates your customers' home decor project, and helps you as a retailer:


Improve engagement

by helping your customers overcome the commitment hurdles they face while planning and designing their new bathroom or kitchen

Educate your customers

on the unknowns they'll face when purchasing large, expensive and complex projects

MERGE your online and in-store experience

by creating a seamless experience that is simple to use at home as with an in-store colleague

Improve conversion rates

by bringing to life your customer's vision and engaging with them earlier

Shorten buying cycles

as your customers are more confident in their purchases after seeing a realistic visualisation

Increase average order value

by enabling customers to see their project as a whole and include recommended products

Our interactive design tool enables your customers, across multiple devices, to capture their room layout, design their ideal space and visualise the finished project in 3D, virtual or augmented reality.

We've taken a consumer-first approach, discovering how people go through a bathroom or kitchen project and designed a solution that makes the experience engaging and fun.

It's built for collaboration too, whether that's with friends, the installer or in-store designer. 

How it works


Integrates directly into your website

Our software allows your customers to design and visualise their projects on any device, anywhere, directly from your website. It can be tailored to fit your brand guidelines too.

tailored for your customers

Whether you're looking to drive customers in store or complete more transactions online, our products take your customer journey to the next level. So you, sell more.

simple To USE, BUT powerful design 

Help your customers kick-start their refurbishment project, from capturing a floor plan to guided design best practice, our tools make planning that dream room easy.


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In the press


Why DigitalBridge?


Manage complex product configurations

Our product discovery service helps you manage complex product configurations, dependencies and relationships, meaning your customers can choose a product and the accessories that match. 

Regular release schedule

Our agile product team roll out new features on a regular basis. Together, with your feedback and our expertise we can create a really powerful retail product that works for you. 

Cloud-based, Auto-scaling architecture

There's no need for onsite deployment or dedicated servers. Our robust infrastructure also scales to meet your requirements and ensures access from around the world. 

Easy data integration

Whether it's spreadsheets or more complex data sources, we can work with your data in multiple ways. Even better, you can update your product information in real-time by API.

Powered by a TEAM OF EXPERTS

Our dedicated team of machine learning and computer vision experts, with umpteen PhDs, are creating cutting-edge planning and visualisation technology.

Beautiful design in 360º

Your customers can bring their new room to life using our 360º immersive technology. Rendered in seconds, you can browse online or using virtual reality headsets.

Awards we've won