Hallo, schön dich kennen zu lernen

Sorry... our German isn't that good, but our Badezimmer (oops bathroom) design software speaks for itself.

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Planning, designing and buying a new bathroom is hard.

There are countless decisions to be made, which causes friction and slows down the sales process. Our research shows it's causing many of your customers to drop out too.

It's a shame as customers start their renovation full of enthusiasm. After all it's the dream they've been planning and saving for, for years.

We believe your customers deserve a better experience!

How our Guided Design technology works?

Integrating directly into your website, DigitalBridge technology will hand-hold your customer through the bathroom renovation journey.

But how, you ask?

We’ve broken the Guided Design process into 3 phases:

💡 Inspiration & Needs 📐 Measure & Design 🛒 Buy

💡Inspiration & Needs

Invite your customers to start their new project from within your website. Ask questions, import images and connect social media accounts to find out your customers budget, needs and style.

Our Guided Design technology will then start to build a profile of your customer to create a hyper-personalised renovation experience.

📐Measure & design

Guide your customer to accurately measure and confidently design their new bathroom, regardless of their skills and experience.

Our Guided Design technology can even generate personalised room designs and recommendations just as a real life designer would do (but within seconds, and from your customer's phone if they like).


Once your customer has their dream bathroom designed, has visualised it in outstanding high definition and everyone involved in the project is up-to-date, including loved ones and tradespeople.

It’s time to purchase, which they can do effortlessly either online or in-store. Simple!

Klingt gut! But, why should I buy?

Reduce friction and accelerate purchases

Increase conversion, revenue and engagement

Drive conversion online
or in-store

We'd love to show you how we can help transform your customers' bathroom design experience. Click below to find out more.

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