What is Guided Design?

A new and engaging way that retailers can help their customers through a bathroom or kitchen renovation project.

Planning, designing, buying and installing a new bathroom or kitchen is complex affair.

Whether it’s choosing the style and colours to use, learning about the safe position of an oven or understanding how a shower should be correctly configured, consumers can easily get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of difficult decisions and unknowns that arise.

Each time one of these friction points occurs, it erodes confidence and slows the customer down. It can even stall a project entirely and cause them to drop out.

But none of this is what a consumer expects going in. They are full of enthusiasm. This is the dream they’ve been planning and saving for, for years!

They deserve a better experience!

How Guided Design works?

When a retailer uses Guided Design technology on their website, they can hand-hold the customer through the journey, instead of expecting them to figure it all out for themselves.

But how, you ask?

We’ve broken the Guided Design process into 4 phases:

💡 Inspiration & Needs 📐 Measure & Design 👀 Collaborate & Visualise 🛒 Validate & Purchase

💡Inspiration & Needs

When visitors arrive on your site looking for inspiration for their next bathroom or kitchen, you can invite them to start a new project within your website.

By asking the right questions, importing images and connecting social media accounts, you can find out more about the customer, their needs, budget and style preferences. This allows the Guided Design platform to start building a profile that can be used throughout the journey to personalise the experience.

Now you have an engaged customer who you can offer inspirational ideas and tips and keep them coming back for more.

📐Measure & design

The first step a customer has to take is getting an accurate measurement of the room they are about to renovate. It’s a fiddly job when you’re not used to it and an inaccurate floor plan can cause headaches further down the road.

So rather than assuming they know how to do this properly, guide your customer through the process with the right tools and help content.

Next up is creating a new design. This bit can be fun and frustrating in equal measure. Whilst it’s great to start finally planning how your dream room is going to come together, the number of things to learn and decisions that need to be made seem monumental!

It’s at this point a consumer would normally seek expert help, either with an independent designer or by heading to a retailer for their assistance. This again, though, slows the process down.

Having captured valuable information about the project in the Inspiration and Needs phase, a Guided design platform can generate hyper-personalised automated room designs and recommendations just as a real designer would do.

👀Collaborate & Visualise

We know that a project as large as a new bathroom or kitchen is rarely a solo endeavour, which is why collaboration is a core aspect of Guided Design.

Your customer should be able to share ideas with a significant other as easily as with a trusted professional at home or in-store work on the designs together, almost as if you were sitting together.

Finally, visualising how the the new room will look and work really helps to bring it all to life. A Guided Design platform should offer high quality, high resolution ways to put yourself in the new space.

🛒Validate & Purchase

So now your customer has a great design that meets their budget and needs. Everyone involved in the project is up-to-date, including loved one, installers and the retailer. It’s time to make that purchase, which can be made effortless either online or in-store.

So why so should you implement a Guided Design solution?


You engage your customers earlier in the journey

By providing value earlier on in the consumer journey through inspiration and education, you can ensure they are more likely to choose you over your competitors.


You reduce the sales cycle and the amount of product returns

A Guided Design platform reduces friction points that slow a project down and ensure that the products chosen are right for this project and will actually fit!


You bridge your online and offline customer experience

A Guided Design platform ensures a seamless and unified experience for your customer. They can start a project, collaborate with an in-store designer and have confidence in their design, all before they even step foot into store!

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