Changing the face of retail



Augmented reality has long been seen as a valuable retail solution and our previous research has shown that it could add as much as £1bn to the UK’s home décor market alone.

But the launch of Apple’s ARKit, and the announcement of Google’s ARCore, have finally thrown this visualisation technology firmly into the mainstream and retailers are under more pressure than ever to implement some kind of tool that would allow consumers to preview products in their own homes before buying them.

Despite this rise of technology in the retail sphere the question remains, are retailers actually making the most of new technology available to them?

ARKit and ARCore will make it much easier to create compelling AR experiences that increase conversion and average order values, as well as drive customers into physical stores.

In this report, we will examine the impact of augmented reality on the retail sector – later taking a specific look at the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom market – and investigate consumer attitudes to new technology.

We will look specifically at AR through the context of ARKit, and find out what consumers really think about the prospect of being able to visualise products before spending money, how they would prefer to access this type of technology, and what they think should happen next to improve the platforms further – whether it’s wearable or “smart” AR tools. (delete one)

Finally, we will explore how immersive technology like AR could help retailers bridge the “imagination gap” and find out how much this problem continues to cost the UK economy.