Augmented Reality — Which industries will it impact?

Augmented Reality (or AR for short) is a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image onto the scene being shown on the device. In other words, it is a real-world view in which some elements have been augmented using cutting-edge technology. AR is fascinating technology. But how far can it go, and how many industries can it impact?



So far, AR has boosted industries ranging from healthcare to marketing. Notably, the automobile industry has taken to AR (hello Elon Musk) with the introduction of Head up Displays (HUDs) and AR-navigation. Mini even used AR in advertising; giving viewers a visual, 3D view inside their latest model. 

Even more beneficially, AR aids concerns of health and safety on construction sites. AR’s immersive nature has enabled developers to gain an insight and provide feedback on designs before any ground has been broken.

Like the automobile industry, it’s inevitable AR will be seen throughout the aviation industry, too. Boeing conducted a trial proving AR increases efficiency of trainees when assembling an aircraft wing. Furthermore, AR means those in the aviation industry no longer need to carry around thick manuals and guides. Instead, an iPad can simply and visually display demonstrations and provide all the information they need.

Home décor is one industry in which AR will save thousands of pounds, if not more. When it comes to kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms, AR will create a vastly more efficient and streamlined buying and selling process. 
If you can see how a beautiful rug would look in your living room without needing to buy it or carry it home, or if you can physically see a new expensive desk in your office without spending a penny; this does two things. Firstly, it inspires and subsequently encourages customers to buy a product (ideal for sellers). Secondly, it benefits customers. After all, it IS important that your new, beautiful desk and rug go well in your home (as seen here).

With AR extending through B2B industries continuously, including gas and oil, it’s certainly here to stay. There’s no doubt you’ll be seeing much more of AR in the near future, and the likelihood is that it will benefit you in one way or another. Stay tuned to further updates from the world of Augmented Reality here.