Our values

Our values are important to us. They inform how we do things; how we interact with each other and our customers.

They help us communicate better and understand why decisions are made; those decisions are a reflection of beliefs and values.

Good is the Enemy of Great* – Complacency Kills

We have done great things and continue to do great things. We are talented, hard-working, ambitious and passionate. We don’t rely on previous successes but constantly strive to do something new and awesome every single day.

We inject Urgency into everything we do  

We always assume our competitors are as good – if not better – than we are. We know our colleagues are depending on us and we work hard, smart and fast. If we don’t keep innovating and doing awesome things we’ll get overtaken. Time is our most precious commodity.

Be Passionate and Driven

Success is within our reach and within our gift. We’re passionate about pushing the boundaries of what we can make technology do and the problems it solves for our customers.

Do More With Less

We work smart and deploy our resources with care. We think carefully about where to focus those resources and what to spend money on.

Do Something Incredible Every Day

A day is only considered well-spent if we’ve done something incredible and pushed the boundaries of what other people think possible.

Respect Differences and Communicate

The Whole is Greater than the Sum of all our team parts. We’re all different and those differences spur us on to greater things. We take into account different perspectives, ways of working, viewpoints and experiences. Creative friction allows us to reach greater heights.

Bring Solutions not Problems

We’re here to solve problems. And every problem has a bunch of solutions. Every time we come across a problem we strive to find and propose solutions.

Challenge Assumptions and Be Humble

We strive for the perfect balance of intellectual inquisitiveness and humility. We don’t take things as read and ask difficult questions of our colleagues and most importantly of ourselves.

* Jim Collins – Good to Great