Our values

Our values are important to us. They inform how we do things; how we interact with each other and our customers.

They help us communicate better and understand why decisions are made; those decisions are a reflection of beliefs and values.



We are passionate about pushing the boundaries of what we can do.

Continuous improvement has no end destination. It is a direction, not a place. We always strive for improvement, even when what we have already seems good enough.

We start by observing previous results and looking for the small gains, a little at a time.

We optimise for delivery and iterate for excellence.


We strive to be a safe place to work, where thoughts can be discussed openly without fear of judgement, even if we don’t all agree.

We take time to listen to others carefully before responding, which we do with respect for their feelings and opinions. 

We trust in each other to get their job done, be empathetic, keep their word, tell the truth and to care for one another.

We always take into account different perspectives, ways of working, viewpoints and experiences.



We never presume to know the answer.

We believe we need to continue learning and growing, both individually and as a company.

We’re always open to the possibility that some of our decisions might be wrong.

We don’t attach our ego to ideas.


We proactively drive progress towards our business, product and project goals.

We prioritise and focus on the small amount of things to do really well.

We optimise for speedy decisions. It’s better to make a wrong decision and correct quickly rather than be directionless.

We encourage healthy debate but once a decision has been made, we all get behind it.

We don’t throw something over the wall for someone else to pick up.