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What’s the ‘job’ a dream bathroom is doing?

Jobs to Be Done (JTBD) is a theory that helps to understand the reasons why someone hires a particular product. For example, why a customer would use design and visualisation technology instead of drawing their design out on paper. Our Head of UX & Design Tina takes a look at JTBD and how we're using it to influence our product at DigitalBridge.


User research and testing at DigitalBridge is crucial, here’s why

To provide the best and most streamlined renovation experience for your customers, we ensure every feature we design and build will add value through extensive user research & testing. By getting to know and understand our end user, your customers, on a personal level and utilising the latest technology we’re able to create tailor-made living spaces that work. Find out more in our latest blog from our Head of UX & Design Tina.


There’s method in the user research and testing madness

In the latest blog from our User Experience team we're diving into how we conduct our research and testing, and looking specifically at the four main levers we use to acquire the information we need.


The secret to successful product configuration

As a consumer there’s nothing more frustrating than spending hours deliberating over your new bathroom, only to find that your sink and tap choices aren’t compatible later down the line. Our product discovery service helps retailers manage complex product configurations, dependencies and relationships, meaning consumers can now choose and visualise a product and the accessories that match from the outset.


Catalyst: Jump-start your customer’s bathroom design project

Help your customers create smartly designed, beautiful living spaces in seconds.