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Let me show you how an AI-powered Guided Design tool from DigitalBridge could transform the way your customers design their dream bathrooms.

Here’s a story of how to engage your customers earlier and convert them quicker by using artificial intelligence to guide them through each stage of their buying journey: from inspiration → design → purchase.


Finding Inspiration


Bathroom Buyer

David, a millennial in his early 30s, recently purchased his first home in Montpellier. Like many first-time buyers, David wanted the property to reflect his unique taste.

This vision led him to a long-winded renovation project, which included a brand new bathroom to replace an old tired suite.

With a €7,000 budget set aside and a vision of a bright modern bathroom in mind, he set out on his journey of discovery.


In need of inspiration

Like most millennials, David started his journey by looking for bathroom ideas online. Google Image Search was his first port of call, but that didn’t bode so well.

Unsatisfied and still in need of inspiration, David turned his attention to Pinterest. Browsing away casually from one pinboard to another, eventually, David arrived at the Castorama Pinterest board.

“Oh wow! This bathroom looks lovely, I’ll take a look at their website” said David… and off he went with hope and optimism to see what Castorama had to offer.


Guided Design


Bringing it to life

Excited by what he had seen and keen to get going, David picked up his mobile phone and used the free time he had on his journey to and from the office to begin designing his dream bathroom.

David accessed the Guided Design tool on the Castorama website, entered his budget, picked the colours he preferred, selected the style of his choice and entered the room dimensions which he had previously measured.

If by magic, within a few seconds, David was presented with several bathroom options that reflected his design taste within the confines of his bathroom - and it was all within budget.

David was amazed! "I wasn't sure what to expect really. I've used some of these tools before and they all felt like I needed a degree in CAD design or that there's some detail I'm missing. After all there's no undo button is there? But I actually felt listened to. Yeah - listened to! By a computer! And it worked" - David later commented to his partner.


Boom! 👍

After considering one of the personalised designs, based on his requirements, David made a couple of changes to suit his needs before he finalised the project. A happy David had finally got what he wanted - a bathroom design that worked for him.

Feeling enthusiastic about what he had achieved, David hit the basket button, took a quick look through the list of bathroom products that had automatically been added to the basket and then continued to browse the Castorama website where he went on to add a few additional bathroom accessories to the basket.

Finally, when he felt satisfied, David grabbed his wallet, pulled out his debit card and processed the payment.


Delivering Customer Satisfaction



On receiving a confirmed delivery date, David booked a bathroom installation specialists through the NeedHelp website - a Castorama partner

After finding a handyman, agreeing on a date and installation cost, David finalised the details and confirmed a date for when work would commence.

Although the bathroom had not yet been installed, David was already feeling confident about the end result. He and his partner were looking forward to seeing their dream bathroom come to life.


A knock at the door

After receiving everything he had purchased from Castorama on time, the week had arrived when David would finally see the bright modern bathroom he’d always wanted.

The installers arrived, he offered them a café au lait and some freshly baked madeleines, and a few minutes later off they went to crack on with the job. Leaving them to it, David was full of anticipation and couldn’t wait to see the transformation from online design to real life.

A couple of days later, one sunny afternoon, a voice came from upstairs. “Sir. We’re done. You can come and take a look at your new bathroom”.


A finished project

In full awe of his brand new Bathroom, David burst out; “Wow! That looks amazing. I can’t believe how beautiful it looks. This bathroom buying journey has been so easy and pleasurable. I can’t thank you, Castorama and NeedHelp enough”

A couple of snaps later, a happy David had posted his new bathroom on social media, where all his friends and family could see.

“Where did you buy the bathroom?” commented Auntie Marie. “I got it from Castorama,” said David…


And the next bathroom
journey began

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