Integrating seamlessly into a retailer’s website, Aspect:

  1. Reduces the friction that occurs during a bathroom or kitchen design process
  2. Accelerates the purchasing cycle
  3. Increases conversion and basket size


That's why we've created Aspect, the world's first virtual design assistant

Aspect guides your customers through the entire process of creating a new living space from inspiration and capturing room measurements through to design, planning, purchase, installation and beyond.

Just like a real-life designer, Aspect will understand the customer, their needs and desires, the room layout, their budget and tastes before offering a tailor made design.


Integrating inspiration

Do your customers have lots of ideas saved all over the place? No problem, Aspect will scan images to understand product and style preferences to design room layouts and recommend products.

Or, do they need inspiration to get started? That’s fine too… Aspect will help find a style that works for the space…


Measuring the room

All your customer needs to do to get started is simply scan the room using a mobile phone, and Aspect will create an accurate floor plan, identifying important features such as windows, doors, sinks or soil pipes. Or if they already know their room measurements your customer can simply enter the dimensions on screen.

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